west park nitra

industrial & logistic park in the heart of europe


West Park Nitra (WPN) is located 1,2 km from R1 speedway exit Luzianky, an area situated 5 km from the city centre and 4 km from Jaguar Land Rover car plant.

The R1 connects Western and Middle Slovakia and meets D1 highway at the exit Trnava.

WPN has also a direct access to a 1st class road linking Nitra and Hlohovec.


WPN is a part of dynamically developing area consisting of retail warehouse, cash&carry, light production and headquarter schemes. The total area of West Park Nitra is 60,6 ha. The land plots are owned by CD REALITY, s.r.o. and TATRA PROPERTY, a.s., both controlled by a single owner.

All land plots have been extracted from the Slovak Land Fund and have obtained both EIA and Planning permit.


the technical infrastructure

the current mains and the ways of connection

Traffic junction

connected to the roundabout implemented on the road No. II/513 Hlohovec – Nitra / Vinárska cesta – WPN Including the translocation of all the infrastructure and service connections

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Electric energy

- reserved capacity of 8 MWh
- underground electric lines

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High pressure gas line & Medium pressure gas line

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Drinking water

Connection DN 200

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Rainwater sewer

Rainwater can be drained into the Kajsiansky channel
- total capacity up to 150 l/s, with retention-tank

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Sanity sewer

with connection to the municipal sewer

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note: plots can be customized

premium area
A0/1 [A+++] - area 15.826 sq.m.
premium area
A0/2 [A+++] - area 17.228 sq.m.
A1/1 [A++] - area 19.000 sq.m. RESERVED
A1/2 [A++] - area 16.266 sq.m.
A3/2A [A] - area 3.998 sq.m. RESERVED
A3/2B [A] - area 3.997 sq.m. RESERVED
A3/3A [A] - area 8.546 sq.m. RESERVED
A3/3B [A] - area 8.477 sq.m. RESERVED
A4 [C] - area 33.480 sq.m.
A5/1 [A++] - area 43.038 sq.m.
A5/2 [B] - area 53.169 sq.m.
B1/1 [A+] - area 30.000 sq.m.
B1/2 [A+] - area 15.856 sq.m. RESERVED
B2/1A [B] SOLD
B2/1B [B] - area 3.888 sq.m.
B2/1C [B] - area 3.893 sq.m.
B2/2A [B] - area 5.047 sq.m. RESERVED
B2/2B [B] - area 7.547 sq.m. RESERVED
D1 [C] - area 15.931 sq.m.
D2 [C] - area 11.544 sq.m.
EU/1 [A+] - area 54.579 sq.m.
EU/2 [B/C] - area 42.183 sq.m.
EU/3 [B] - area 29.444 sq.m.
EU/4 [B/C] - area 43.116 sq.m.
all free areas 413.584 sq.m.


20. february 2020
main access roads finished, first company in full production, second in building phase

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